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Friday, September 29, 2023

SBGA Jr Summer Camp

    2023 Summer Program Offerings and Schedule

    Registration is Now Open!

    Advanced/Intermediate Program:

    What We Offer:

          Helping players enjoy the game more by shooting lower scores and building life skills.    ·       Elite guidance to help players improve quickly and correctly.    ·       A safe and encouraging environment so players can perform at their best.    ·       Frequent contests and tournaments to challenge players on and off the course, including playing 9-holes 3+ times a week.    ·       Innovative training methods for faster results through a fun experience.    ·       Assisting players in finding their golf potential, and how golf will fit into their life.    ·       Player’s focus is on reducing score through mental, physical, technical, and tactical training.    ·       Setting goals and building plans to accomplish those goals.    ·       Video, Statistical, and Launch Monitor Ball Flight Analysis   ·       Players group according to age and ability    ·       Collegiate golf guidance – contacts and recommendations    ·       Lunch and on-course fees are provided   ·       PB Dye Junior Members Receive $50 discount 


    ·       Play 9-holes toting their own bag with ease.   ·       Tournament Experience.   ·       Basic Knowledge of Golf Etiquette  

    ·       Intermediate - Scoring consistently around or under 90.   ·       Advanced – 12 or less handicap (low 80s or better scoring)   ·       Must be 12 or older

    Time Offered:

    Monday-Friday 9:30am – 4pm

    June 19-23 (FULL)  |  June 26-30 (FULL)  |  July 31-Aug 4  |  Aug 7-Aug 11

    Recommended 2 Consecutive Weeks for Best Results and Value

    1 Week - $595  |  2 weeks - $995  |  3 weeks - $1395  |  4 Weeks - $1695

    Drop-In Single Day Sessions (Lunch provided) - $160



    What we offer:

           Provide a safe and fun environment where players can learn the fundamentals of golf   ·       A focus on character development and enjoyment of the challenge golf provides.   ·       PGA Golf Professional Instruction   ·       Provide Players for the best start for the opportunity of long-term success in the game.   ·       Ways to avoid common bad habits from the start.   ·       Game-based learning where skills and etiquette will be developed.    ·       Ample time on the practice facility developing their fundamentals for putting, short game, and full swing.    ·       On-course instruction and playtime at the end of the week.   ·       Players group according to age and ability   ·       Lunch Provided 


    ·       An interest in the game of golf   ·       Equipment can be provided per request   ·       Ages 7-17 Welcome

    Time Offered:

    Monday-Friday 9:30am – 1pm

    June 12-16 (FULL)  |  July 17-21 

    1 Week - $445  |  2 weeks - $795 

    If Interest in another week, please email as addition Beginner Sessions may open.

    Drop-In Single Day Sessions (Lunch provided) - $125

    What to Expect:

    We will be spending our mornings playing golf games, doing drills, improving fitness, expanding our knowledge, and developing our athleticism. Beginner weeks we try and get on the course for 1 morning. For Intermediate/Advanced weeks, after lunch we will be getting out on the course and challenging ourselves with different fun formats. Due to the active nature of our program, golf attire is not required. I encourage players to bring sneakers as well, as some of our fitness activities will be difficult with golf cleats. Please make sure your player has a hat, water bottle, sunscreen, golf clubs, golf supplies (balls, tees, glove, ball marker, etc.), rain gear if weather calls for it, and any other specific personal needs items.

    We will be providing lunch daily. Players are welcome to bring their own lunch, but the cost is already built in. Here is the daily menu:


    Turkey and Cheese

    Hot Dog

    Grilled Cheese

    Hamburger or Cheese Burger

    Chicken Tenders

    Caesar Salad

    Garden Salad

    Sides: Fresh Fruit and Chips


    Yellow welcome sign next to practice putting green. Drop off at 9:15am-9:30 am and pick up at 3:45am-4:00pm.


    I will keep an eye on the weather daily and make any adjustments as needed. Weather cancellations will be unlikely as we have shelter and can still use the time educationally.


    Preferred methods of payment are cash, check, Venmo, or credit card. Payment will be handled over the later course of the week during drop-off/pick-up. 

    Contact SBGA to register – 301.461.1520  |

    Please provide the following to register:

    Players Name:

    Players Age:

    Players Experience:

    Parent Name:

    Parent Cell:

    Parent Email:

    Week Dates:

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