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Friday, June 9, 2023

SBGA Jr Summer Camp

    2023 Summer Program Offerings and Schedule

    Registration is Now Open!

    Advanced/Intermediate Program:

    What We Offer:

          Helping players enjoy the game more by shooting lower scores and building life skills.    ·       Elite guidance to help players improve quickly and correctly.    ·       A safe and encouraging environment so players can perform at their best.    ·       Frequent contests and tournaments to challenge players on and off the course, including playing 9-holes 3+ times a week.    ·       Innovative training methods for faster results through a fun experience.    ·       Assisting players in finding their golf potential, and how golf will fit into their life.    ·       Player’s focus is on reducing score through mental, physical, technical, and tactical training.    ·       Setting goals and building plans to accomplish those goals.    ·       Video, Statistical, and Launch Monitor Ball Flight Analysis   ·       Players group according to age and ability    ·       Collegiate golf guidance – contacts and recommendations    ·       Lunch and on-course fees are provided   ·       PB Dye Junior Members Receive $50 discount 


    ·       Play 9-holes toting their own bag with ease.   ·       Tournament Experience.   ·       Basic Knowledge of Golf Etiquette  

    ·       Intermediate - Scoring consistently around or under 90.   ·       Advanced – 12 or less handicap (low 80s or better scoring)   ·       Must be 12 or older

    Time Offered:

    Monday-Friday 9:30am – 4pm

    June 19-23 (FULL)  |  June 26-30 (ALMOST FULL)  |  July 31-Aug 4  |  Aug 7-Aug 11

    Recommended 2 Consecutive Weeks for Best Results and Value

    1 Week - $595  |  2 weeks - $995  |  3 weeks - $1395  |  4 Weeks - $1695

    Drop-In Single Day Sessions (Lunch provided) - $160



    What we offer:

           Provide a safe and fun environment where players can learn the fundamentals of golf   ·       A focus on character development and enjoyment of the challenge golf provides.   ·       PGA Golf Professional Instruction   ·       Provide Players for the best start for the opportunity of long-term success in the game.   ·       Ways to avoid common bad habits from the start.   ·       Game-based learning where skills and etiquette will be developed.    ·       Ample time on the practice facility developing their fundamentals for putting, short game, and full swing.    ·       On-course instruction and playtime at the end of the week.   ·       Players group according to age and ability   ·       Lunch Provided 


    ·       An interest in the game of golf   ·       Equipment can be provided per request   ·       Ages 7-17 Welcome

    Time Offered:

    Monday-Friday 9:30am – 1pm

    June 12-16 (FULL)  |  July 17-21 

    1 Week - $445  |  2 weeks - $795 

    If Interest in another week, please email as addition Beginner Sessions may open.

    Drop-In Single Day Sessions (Lunch provided) - $125

    Contact SBGA to register – 301.461.1520  |

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